Black White Lines & Light

BP Lines added - Black and White Photographs of Budapest Architecture

Mark Pfeffer

New City! New Lines! Budapest! 

Straying a bit from the usual modern architecture I've been capturing for this series by traveling to one of Europe's most beautiful cities - Budapest. I've always been a huge fan of the classic stone work architecture which is now basically a lost art, and I'd say it's hard to top Budapest when it comes to beauty in stone work. It was very interesting for me to apply the techniques I use for this series in what is essentially the same subject matter (buildings) but such a drastically different style. The mix of old meets new which I love hits a new level with BP Lines. Hundreds of year old stone buildings printed on metal works surprisingly well. So check out the new section and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

BWLL on Touch of Modern!

Mark Pfeffer

I've followed for quite a few years now. They're always featuring cool, sleek products with modern aesthetic and design on their site. I've even ordered a few things through them over the years. So...I'm super excited to have some of my work featured on their site! 

For a limited time (sale ends Monday, August 8th) you can find select BWLL prints at sale prices on 

Direct link:


MIA Lines is here!

Mark Pfeffer

New city, new section, new lines. 

Black White Lines & Light has now expanded beyond New York City and into Miami and more cities to come. Check out the new MIA Lines section featuring Miami architecture.

Black White Lines & Light Social Media Launch

Mark Pfeffer

I managed to get a few social media outlets up, running and connected to the site today. If you get a chance, please check out, like, and follow to receive the inside scoop on discount codes and sales. 

Twitter: @BWLandL

Instagram: @blackwhitelineslight




I've also set up quick link buttons which you can find by scrolling to the bottom of any page on the site.  

Thanks for dropping by. Don't forget to you look up!


Black White Lines & Light Launch!

Mark Pfeffer

Greetings All,

I'm very excited to have launched this new website where you can now purchase photographic aluminum metal prints of New York City architecture. All photos taken by me - Mark Pfeffer (Fife) 

Creating this body of work has been an extremely fun project for me as it gets me looking up, looking differently, and appreciating my surroundings even more than usual. My hope is that it will get more people looking up and seeing the beauty in the lines of the city. 

I look forward to continuing to add new items, new perspectives and perhaps even new cities in future! 

Thanks for dropping by. Be sure to check back soon!