Black White Lines & Light

About Black White Lines & Light:

The series is a body of work created by New York City based Photographer Mark Pfeffer (Fife) of The body of work being about structure, form, lines, and how they relate to each other while showing an appreciation for looking up and finding beauty in city architecture. 

All photographic prints are metallic, infused into the surface of a solid sheet of aluminum. The result gives each image a rich iridescent sheen, striking contrast, and a depth of detail that compliments the subject matter. The nostalgia of a black & white print combined with a modern printing technique and medium gives each print a unique reflective quality that makes it stand out from your conventional photographic print.  


About the artist:

Mark Pfeffer is a New York City based fine art and freelance photographer specializing in architecture. His works have been published in various architecture and garden magazines such as Town & Country, Country Gardens, LAM, Architectural Digest, Horticulture, and NYC&G. In addition to Black White Lines & Light, Mark also produces photography and commercial video under and